Friday, November 29, 2013

Vine Ops Progress Update and an Invitation.

I just finished the first round of editing for Vine Ops:  The Lewis Park Affair.  I've still got some touch ups and validations, probably another round of editing to go through but I'm willing to get volunteers for beta readers.  Let me know if you wish to be part of the creative process and read a work in progress to help provide feedback to the author to make the book better. 
In other news, I'm also now 2000 words into The Fairest Of Them All, my retelling of Snow White.  I'm excited about this project because, frankly, it is going to be awesome!  Also being a contemporary romance instead of science fiction or fantasy, this one will have a broader appeal than my other works, which I don't understand.  Why wouldn't people love a fantastical tale filled with what we wish could be rather then the mundania of the real world?

My only regret is that by writing The Fairest Of Them All next, some of the other books I want to get done have to stay on the back burner a little longer.  Sorry to those of you wanting that third Clouded Skye book, the second Blood On The Vine book (okay the first isn't out yet either but it will be soonish), or some of the others in various stages of planning or progress.  I have a niece dying to have me finish Halfway to Some-Were. 

Just be patient.  I will get to all of your favorite stories that you don't know are your favorites yet because you haven't read them because I haven't written them yet.