Friday, February 10, 2012

Life, The Universe, And Everything

Yesterday I attended the first day of the Life, The Universe, And Everything symposium.  It was amazing listening to some of the great literary talents that live right here in Utah.  I finally gave Lisa Mangum, my thank you letter from all the way back to the Talking Books event last year.  I finally got to meet Dan Wells in person and thank him for his part in the Writing Excuses podcast.  It's funny how I could catch his cohorts in crime, Brandon Sanderson and Howard Taylor, multiple times but until now, Dan had been rather elusive.

James Dashner and Larry Correia were both particularly funny and entertaining in their discussions about evil in fiction and action scenes.  The girl who gave the presentation on villains was great too, even bringing up Peter's Evil Overlord List.

Today and tomorrow, I will get even more instruction and advice from these wonderful people.  I find it wonderful that many of them aren't just good writers or illustrators, they're also willing to mentor and lift others up to their level of quality and professionalism.  That is something we should all do, whatever our expertise, offer a hand and lift those around you up.


Mira Stone said...

Please tell us more on what you have learned since some of us weren't so lucky to go there, but hey! Maybe next year I could go and see you there! ;)

Talmage said...

I'd love to. By focusing on some of the things I've learned, I won't have to scratch my head wondering what I should blog about next, at least for a while.

Also, I do think that my craft and knowledge has grown to the point where I am at least comparable to some of the presenters I've seen this year. Perhaps my own insight and advice could be helpful to other aspiring writers.

Yes, Mira, you should totally go next year.