Sunday, April 29, 2012

That Was A Weird Dream

Last night I dreamed that my wife and I took our daughter on a roller coaster ride at an amusement park.  I remember holding our toddler on my lap as we sat in the front-most seat of the front-most car.  Our daughter was fine through the first part of the ride which merely meandered around bushes and gardens like a calm laid back ride.

I remember trying to get the seat-belt to lock both me and her in but the belt wouldn't stretch far enough.  So as the first vertical loop approached, I gave up and locked myself in and clung to her with one arm and the safety rail in front of us with the other.  She clung to the front and side edges of the coaster's car with her hands and stared with wide eyes, just like she did the first time we let her ride in her bike trailer.

Once the loop was over and the coaster went  back to meandering around the large bushes, she burst into tears and my wife and I decided to hand her off to my parents rather then make her suffer through the rest of the ride.  As if on cue, that's when my father appeared at the next bend with his arms out to pluck our little toddler from the roller coaster.

Then I woke up.

Those who like interpreting dreams or analyzing the psyche of crazy people or creative types, you now have some material to work with.  Enjoy!

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