Thursday, August 04, 2011

Bad News But We're Working On It

Bad news. While working on the Barnes & Noble edition of the book, I discovered that in the conversion process many errors were introduced resulting in both old incorrect formatting and new corrected formatting mixed together.   I think it was a result of my old incorrect formatting getting corrected by my editor and then when I "nuked" the document (very technical ebook publishing term) for the Smashwords edition, the new and old formatting both got merged so there will be things like "You're your horse doesn't look well" or something.  Punctuation problems may also be all over the map.

Both the Amazon Kindle and Smashwords editions were affected.  Those of you who bought a copy of either the AKE1.0 or SWE1.0 builds (Build number can be found at the last line of the entire ebook document), please send me a personal message and I will get you a corrected file as soon as it's ready at no charge.

I am chalking this up to a newbie publishing mistake.  Don't fear dear readers, I will take care of you.

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