Monday, January 30, 2012

Blood On The Vine Update

Just thought I'd give a little update on my latest novel.  I wrote the super happy ending and hated it so I'm taking it back out (maybe).  I'm adding an entire middle chapter that will help flesh out the setting and explain why Sanami stays with Thray and Julessa later in the story even though she's not really attached to them.  I'm liking it so far.

With the new Chapter in Burbank, I get to keep one of my favorite secondary characters in the story, a sassy young fortune teller named Mariel.  Sanami, Julesssa, and Cerego all get her attention.  In the earlier versions of the story, only Cerego got to meet her.  His happiness in the end depended on whether he chooses to heed or ignore the words of the Seeress of Burbank.

If the super happy ending went, I thought the seeress would have gone too.  But the new chapter creates the bridge to keep her, regardless of whether I go with the happy ending or the super happy ending.

Who are these people?  My alpha and beta readers know.  The rest of you can read it and find out soon enough.  Stay tuned!

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