Friday, August 24, 2012

Blood On The Vine Update

So I finished my first Vine novel, Blood On The Vine, and then let it cool down for a few weeks.  I worked some more on my second Vine Novel, which is approximately one third complete, in that time.  After the cool down period I went back to the first and found the pacing on the ending was all wrong.  The ending is too sudden compared to the rest of the book.  So I've begun working a somewhat different ending that has the appropriately placed highs and lows and better placed beats. It's all part of drafting and editing.

This story has been a bigger struggle to make work than my Skye stories.  It will still be filled with awesome by the time I'm done with it but, man, this one is fighting to stay incomplete.  I've been almost done with this one since last December.  I'm going to wrestle the sucker into completion even if it kills me.  You'll see (and love it, unless I die of course).

I already have four more Vine novels planned so I could work on these for some time to come.  And that's on top of the other stuff I already outlined for getting done this year.  I am way behind schedule.  Be patient dear readers.  You will get your stories!


David Ashton said...

I refuse to be patient! What are you going to do now.

Talmage said...

I'm going to keep writing. That's what I'm going to do about it.

Mira Stone said...

3Keep writing! I want to read what you've deemed as reading material! It sounds really awesome!